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The Raindance Reverse Osmosis unit

Stylish Chrome Faucet

Tank available in 3 sizes


Stage 1 - Prefiltration-  The purifying process begins with a sediment reduction cartridge that traps dirt, rust, mud, hairs and other particles that can affect the taste and appearance of water. This stage also protects the RO membrane from fouling and abrasion.

Stage 2 - Membrane Process- This is the primary component of 'Raindance' RO purifiers and features the latest technology membrane that can separate up to 98% of dissolved metals and salts from ordinary tap water.  Raindance RO membranes are capable of rejecting ionic contaminants that are less than a nanometer in size.

Stage 3 - Contaminant Rejection System-  Another unique feature of RO membranes is that they are mostly self cleaning.  The Raindance purifier has been designed and constructed by skilled specialists and the RO process will reject and flush down the drain the contaminants that would otherwise enter your body.

Stage 4 - Reduction of Volatile Organic Chemicals-  While the RO process will reject incredibly small contaminants, it must at the same time be sufficiently permeable to allow hydrogen and oxygen to pass through.  As a result, some gaseous and low molecular weight chemicals and cancer causing compounds such as chloroform pass through the membrane.  These potentially dangerous contaminants are effectively reduced by the Raindance bacteriostatic chemical reduction and water polishing final filter carbon cartridge.

For wall mount and undersink applications choose the Raindance unit to best suit your needs.  Pure water storage tank and full installation kit is supplied with every undersink unit. Reverse Osmosis gives you protection from Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts along with rejection shown in the chart below.

Examples of Membrane Performance in Reverse Osmosis
Contaminant % Rejection Contaminant % Rejection
Aluminium up to 98% Ammonium up to 97%
Arsenic up to 97% Barium up to 96%
Bicarbonate up to 99% Bromide up to 99%
Cadmium up to 97% Calcium up to 97%
Chloride up to 99% Chromium up to 96%
Copper up to 97% Cyanide up to 97%
Fluoride up to 98% Iron up to 99%
Lead up to 97% Sodium up to 99%
Magnesium up to 99% Mercury up to 96%
Nickel up to 97% Nitrate up to 95%
Potassium up to 99% Selenium up to 95%
Silica up to 95% Silver up to 95%
Sulphate up to 99% Zinc up to 97%