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Other Raindance Products

Fittings- A wide range of Quickconnect fittings are available to customise your system.  Typical uses include modification for refrigerator connection and remote positioning of pure water tanks in Reverse Osmosis installations.

Membrane Flush kits-  Reverse Osmosis units need regular servicing to perform like new.  Flush kits are available for the 'do it yourself' consumer to prolong the life of your membrane.

Faucet Monitor-  A great reminder tool to indicate when a service is due allowing the best performance of your new unit.  Neatly installed under your pure water drinking faucet.

Shower Filter-  Simply installed in your bathroom in a matter of minutes to provide a chemical free clean shower.

'Jumbo' model housings are cartridges are available for those applications where greater flow is required or where the job may be semi commercial:
  • Filtering large tanks
  • Whole of house filtration
  • Pump house pre-filters
If it is not in our range, perhaps we can make it for you or source it.    

Please contact your nearest Raindance dealer for more information or use the Inquiry form for your convenience.